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Tea Industry Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Yongjin set of tea (white tea) cultivation, production, tourism, sales, is Yongda Group, gold and three Development Group, Hengxin Group, three industrial enterprises in response to the Governments "industry nurturing agriculture "the call, a joint venture with Sunrise tea plantation town of peace founded agricultural industrialization leading enterprises in Zhejiang Yongda Group technology demonstration enterprises of agricultural industrialization. The company is located beside Highway 11, and peaceful town in the southern industrial park adjacent to the picturesque and pleasant weather.
White tea is a highly expensive and scarce worth history of tea. Yongjin tea industry after many years of unremitting efforts, carefully nurtured a white Acura - blue white tea buds.
Blue white tea buds to spring shoots a bud well baked, golden green color, elegant and refreshing tea. After brewing, bud blossoming, the bottom of the white jade, green veins, like patches of emerald dance, collections of white undercover, lips and teeth taste, sweet taste of fluid, food for thought.
Blue bud white tea has three times the life, the first is that it grows in the trees during the days; the second pick in the farmers, stir, and then rolled out the completed form their own unique process of tea; tea one third of life is moisten it with water, making it to the last stretch posture, return to the life essence of people appreciate it.
Yongjin built high-quality tea planting base of 1000 acres of organic white tea, tea with standardized workshop, advanced equipment and storage devices tea, with a total investment of 100 million. The company has the domestic first-class white tea industry experts and technical personnel, mastered the science of tea technology, the company produced the famous tea production has won: 2007 China (Hangzhou) International Zhejiang green tea and the Second Exposition; 2008 older Xingxian white tea competitions prize; 2008 Shanghai International Tea Culture Festival Chinese tea competitions Gold; 2008 "Green Cup" Chinese famous tea competitions Gold; 2009 "Green Cup" Chinese famous tea competitions prize; first fourth China International Tea Exposition.
Companies to adopt "the company baseplates to increase farmers business model, led to the development of peaceful regional white tea industry, to help farmers increase income, promote local industrialization process of agriculture and agricultural economic development has made a greater contribution. "Yongjin Tea" in the industry with high visibility and reputation, peace white tea in the tea industry leading enterprises Yongjin, driven, determined out of the Eternal, to the country, the flow of the world.
Yongjin tea at home and abroad are invited to tea industry, gathered to enjoy the life of the three blue white tea buds, bright bloom in Eternal Peace.
Yongjin Tea superiors and colleagues warmly welcome to visit our unit, sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad came to discuss cooperation and seek common development and win-win cooperation.

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