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1, the corporate mission:
Enhance enterprise value in good faith to promote industrial innovation and progress, to establish a model for Chinese enterprises, contribute to the revival of the Chinese nation. "
2, the corporate vision: "one mind, so long and excellent Yongda, built a hundred years Yongda Albert."
3, an entrepreneurial spirit: civilization, dedication, integrity and dedication.
4, the core concept: endless harmony accessibility.
5, the brand concept: Changxing Yongda sincere Houde.
6, the security policy: enhanced security measures, implementation of safety rules and regulations to promote the safe and civilized production, improve the overall safety awareness.
7, Quality policy: quality of integrity is based on the book Yongda, customer satisfaction is the eternal pursuit of Yongda.
8, the management principles: clear objectives, standardized management, control efficiency, innovation and development.
9, Environmental Policy: compliance with environmental laws and regulations to carry out pollution prevention, continuous improvement of the environment, create green Yongda.
10, language management practice: the work is "stare out"; approach is to "think" out; skills "practice" out; potential is "forced" out.
11, mark Interpretation:
Pattern Description: Wing-logo from the "Wing-tat," the first to write Hanyu Pinyin and English letter "y" and "d" a combination of deformation. "D" pricked "I" symbol Yongda production of products, with the highest symbol of Wing-tat, leading products and high-voltage power pole tower; graphics of the products from low to high order, a symbol of the cause of step Yongda Step soaring; graphics on the "sword head", a symbol of Yongda in the market competition, conquering, invincible; arc graph below, a symbol of the Earth (the market), meaning Yongda products to global markets.
Caption: The mark in the "Eternal Yongda" before conception:
"Eternal," the implication is: long-term business prosperity.
"Wing-tat," the implication is: "never-ending, and harmonious accessible."
"Endless": refers to the development of Yongda is endless, the pursuit of the cause of Yongda people, to do and never stop, never satisfied, never give up, never give up, never compromise, sustainable business.
"Harmony accessible": refers Yongda not only within the enterprise to establish a harmonious relationship between business and society but also in establishing a harmonious relationship, Yongda internal communication channels kept clear, the goal must be Yongda reached, Yongda corporate vision will be achieved.
12, post cards Interpretation:
First, help distinguish the identity of employees, to facilitate the business of visual management
Yongda Group jobs licenses, according to the different positions in which employees are divided into four colors, a look at the post card to know what jobs employees, a pro-business visual management. Front-line staff positions for the red card, the grass-roots management of post cards for the green, middle management positions for the Orange brand, brand senior management positions in blue.
Second, help interpret Yongda of corporate culture, employee morale show Yongda
1, Red: a warm, impulsive, vitality, strength, forward implication. Yongda front-line employees to wear red post card, on behalf of the Wing-tat, employee loyalty, positive, enthusiastic, generous, warm, lively, fully embodies the "civilized, dedication, integrity, dedication," Wing-tat, spirit, will help stimulate the Wing of staff vitality, tenacious fighting, strong will power and a high degree of self-confidence! Red Wing-tat, but also a symbol of the cause of prosperity, is booming!
2, green: with life, ideals, hope and vitality of meaning. Yongda line managers to wear green jobs card, on behalf of the Wing-tat, the grass-roots management of youth, lively, hard work, growth, tolerance, generosity. Green symbolizes the Wing-tat, but the cause of "everlasting," the exuberant vitality.
3, Orange: a bright, gorgeous, knowledge, strength, wisdom and warmth of meaning. It is reminiscent of the golden autumn, rich fruit. Yongda of middle management positions wear orange cards represent Yongda middle management maturity, wisdom, stable and able, reflecting the Yongda "results thinking" oriented and "common wealth" (businesses and employees to share the fruits of development ) of the lofty ideal. Orange symbolizes the Wing-tat, but the cause of the numerous bear fruit, and in the future development to achieve more fruitful results.
4, blue: a broad, profound, eternal, quiet meaning. Yongda senior management positions wear blue card, on behalf of the senior management of Yongda studious, calm, responsible, tolerant, rational and honest, reflecting the Yongda people with a broad mind lofty aspirations. Blue symbolizes the Wing-tat, but the cause of development prospects, the same as the blue sky and sea, vast and eternal, indicates that "a hundred years to build Yongda Albert," the grand vision will be achieved.

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