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REVIEW the history of Group (1981-2011)

Stage One:Initial Starting Stage(1981-1997)
Feb1981-End of 1997,"Changxing County Electricity Poles Factory,"
with capital 3 Million RMB, total debts 9 Million RMB, company was in the edge of bankruptcy.

Stage two:Revolution and Growing(1981-2002)
End Of 1997, Changed collectively-owned enterprise management system.
April 1998,Chang Xing county Electricity Poles Co.,Ltd was registered.
End 1998,Growed with Net Profit 1Million RMB.
2000 Changxing Yonder Agriculture market management Co.,Ltd was registered.
2001 Changxing Yonder Water Supply Co.,Ltd was register with supply capacity 5000 ton/day.
End 2002, Changed into stock company,and company was listed as the important changing county industry Companies,with three year continuous 5 Million RMB tax submitting.

Stage three:Multiple and Group Development
2003 Added Invest in Concrete Poles industry,Yonder Brand poles was listed one of top three in China.
2003 Yonder Industry Zone with 6.6 hektare new land was constructed.
End 2003 Heping Hospital was Purchased, Yonder was Engaged in Rural Medical Revaluation and Market.
2004 Started Green Energy industry,With Xuancheng Zhong Yi Power Co.,Ltd and Changxing Yongda Power Co.,Ltd are registered.
2005 Named changed to:Zhejiang Yonder Power Industry Co.,Ltd.
2006 Jiangsu Yonder Power Industry Co.,Ltd and Changxing Yonder Plastic Products Co.,Ltd were registered.
Yonder Brands are listed Zhejiang Famous Brand and Listed Top 500 enterprise in Zhejiang Province.

Stage Four:Scientific creative and upgrading(2009-Now)
2009 Zhejiang Yonder Industry Group and Zhejiang Yongda Iron tower Co.,Ltd was registered.
2010 With technology innovation and new craft, toal sale turnover reached 1.5 Billion RMB.

2011 Zhejiang Yonder Industry Group Co.,ltd 
Add:South Bridge No.7 Provincial 11 Heping Town
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