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¡¡¡¡ Zhejiang Yonder Group Technology Testing Center ( the following will be referred to as Center) was established in August 2005 . Affiliated with four departments, such as the Integration Department (including technology development, transformation), the Expert Group, Analysis Group, and other Product Quality Testing Group £¬ in total of 10 technicians , of which four senior titles, five intermediate grade,  one primary titles.
This center takes the trade policy and corporate strategy as a basis, looks the market as the guidance and development as the theme. They focus on central and vital, fundamental and generic technical aspects£¬and regard improvement of competitiveness in the market as the main line. They see the innovation and reform as the driving force. This center devotes to promote the technological upgrading of enterprises and optimization of structure, and to effectively improve the self-development capabilities and market competitiveness of Yonder Group.
The center operates with its technical center as a platform, to establish an exchange or sharing mechanism for human resources, technical facilities, technical information, technical achievements. The center fully exerts its existing technical talents, technical facilities and technical information (including those belonging to more than 10 subsidiary businesses), in order to optimize resource allocation and improve the existing utilization ability of various resources. The center strives to become a hub for the gathering of technical talents, the solution of technical issues, the exchange of technical information, the promotion of technological achievements, as well as the development of new products.

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